Middle School


Embrace a vibrant educational adventure tailored for the inquisitive minds of middle schoolers with our comprehensive homeschool curriculum. Crafted with care to foster a passion for discovery and reasoning, our curriculum is the perfect companion for your child’s unique homeschooling journey.

Our Language Arts program isn’t just about understanding grammar or perfecting writing. It’s about diving deep into literature’s heart, unraveling stories, enhancing reading comprehension, growing an expressive vocabulary, and honing critical analysis abilities. It’s about giving words power and making communication meaningful.

Meanwhile, our Mathematics curriculum takes students on an exciting exploration, from foundational concepts to advanced topics in algebra, geometry, statistics, and beyond. It’s not just numbers—it’s about cultivating problem-solving strategies and fostering mathematical reasoning, turning complex problems into intriguing challenges.

The realm of Science with us is a playground of curiosity. Students uncover life, earth, and physical science wonders through interactive experiments and real-world applications—every lesson, an opportunity to delve deeper into the unfolding mysteries of the natural world.

Our Social Studies course turns students into time travelers and global explorers. It’s a journey through history, across diverse cultures, into the mechanics of civics and the intriguing landscapes of geography. It aims to raise aware, enlightened individuals who understand societal structures, historical milestones, and diverse perspectives.

Key facets of our program include interactive learning modules that stimulate active participation and critical thinking. The curriculum is supported with comprehensive resources varying from lesson plans to educational tools, enhancing the overall experience. The allure of flexible scheduling allows you to weave your child’s learning experience into your unique lifestyle rhythm.

Our middle school homeschool curriculum is not just a learning program; it’s a carefully curated experience that combines rigorous academics with warm, personalized support. It nurtures learners—creative, independent, well-rounded—ready to take the reins of their educational journey.


For more information about our middle school homeschool curriculum and to begin your homeschooling journey, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Step confidently into pivotal academic advancements with our tailored sixth-grade homeschool curriculum. In Mathematics, students navigate through the intricacies of ratios, percentages, algebraic expressions, and geometry, fostering a crucial appreciation for data and precision. Our English Language Arts course expands the horizon of literary analysis, grammar, and composition, honing articulate thinkers and expressers.

Science evolves to include captivating subjects such as the Earth’s structure, ecosystem dynamics, and fundamental physics principles. The journey through Social Studies leads to an exploration of ancient civilizations, their rich cultures, and continuing impact on the contemporary world.

Unleashing creativity, Art and Music modules provide insights into diverse art forms and renowned musicians. More than just a curriculum, this sixth-grade offering shapes well-rounded individuals, refining critical thinking skills, and broadening perspectives, thus priming your child for future scholastic achievements.

Embrace the transformative journey of education with our meticulously crafted seventh-grade homeschool curriculum. In Mathematics, students step into a world where algebra and geometry converge, applying and expanding their knowledge on a more abstract level. Our English Language Arts course propels students further into the realm of language and literature, fostering a deeper understanding of narrative elements, research methods, and persuasive writing techniques.

The excitement of discovery prevails in Science as students delve into the mysteries of life science, earth science, and delve deeper into physics. In Social Studies, a chronological excursion through U.S. history from the Constitution to the Civil War promotes a comprehensive understanding of our nation’s past and its significance to the present.

Art and Music studies continue to enhance creative skills, exploring various global art forms, periods, and styles, as well as music theory and appreciation. Through this curriculum, students will gain the cognitive tools to analyze, interpret, and engage with the world around them confidently, setting the stage for more complex academic pursuits to follow in higher grades.

Unlock academic excellence with our robust eighth-grade homeschool curriculum. Mathematics becomes more nuanced as it evolves into pre-algebra and pre-geometry, priming students for high school level challenges. English Language Arts refines critical reading skills through diversified literature, strengthens writing proficiency with expository and argumentative pieces, and continues to expand vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

Delving deeper into Science, the students grasp the basics of chemistry and further develop their understanding of biology and earth science. Social Studies provides a thorough analysis of key historical events, government systems globally, and economic principles.

The curriculum continues to nurture creativity through Art and Music, offering a platform to understand modern art forms, design principles, and music exploration, including elements of rhythm, melody, and harmony.

This curriculum is carefully designed to meet the needs of eighth-grade learners, consolidating previous knowledge and introducing rigorous content preparing them for high school lessons. The ultimate goal is to foster academically confident, well-rounded learners ready to spearhead their educational journey.