High School

High School Homeschooling — Uncover the Possibilities with Virtual Education solutions

Experience the remarkable benefits and possibilities of homeschooling during high school years with Virtual Education Solutions. We offer a path to success that combines the freedom of homeschooling with the rigor and support of a structured curriculum, providing an effective learning experience tailored to the unique needs of each student.

Homeschooling during high school offers numerous advantages. It facilitates flexible learning environments, personalized pacing, and the avoidance of common school-related distractions or pressures. It’s a path that nurtures independent study habits, encourages critical thinking, and cultivates maturity — skills that are invaluable in both university and professional contexts.

With Virtual Education Solution‘s online curriculum, these benefits are amplified. Our comprehensive program merges academic rigor with personalized learning strategies. Each course is carefully engineered to meet high school education requirements while fostering deep understanding and skill mastery.

  1. Rich, Rigorous Academics: Our courses offer complex, engaging content across core subject areas, with exciting electives that broaden horizons and empower students to explore their passions.

  2. Personalized Learning: Each student’s academic journey is tailored to their learning style, pace, and interests. This flexibility empowers students to dig deeper into areas they’re passionate about and spend more time on challenging subjects.

  3. Interactivity and Engagement: Learning is never boring with our interactive multimedia presentations, projects, and activities that ignite curiosity, encouraging active engagement with the material.

  4. College-Readiness: Our curriculum equips students with the necessary academic skills and intellectual curiosity needed for success in post-secondary studies. They gain experience in advanced research, analytical thinking, and in-depth academic writing.

  5. Life Skills Development: Beyond academics, our curriculum fosters traits vital to adulthood, like time management, self-discipline, and effective communication, preparing them for future careers and global citizenship.

  6. All-Encompassing Support: Our students are supported by certified educators and a vibrant online community. Expert guidance, constructive feedback, and peer interaction are just a few steps away — mitigating one of the crucial homeschooling challenges: isolation.

Homeschooling with Virtual Education Solutions redefines high school education, providing a hybrid solution that harnesses the flexibility of homeschooling and the structure of traditional schooling. Choose Virtual Education Solutions, and witness your high schooler transform into an independent, confident learner ready to tackle the exciting challenges of the future.

Venture into the next educational chapter with our meticulously curated ninth-grade homeschool curriculum. Designed to smoothly transition your student into high school, each course is thoughtfully framed to meet the progression in academic expectations.

In Mathematics, students encounter the intrigue of Algebra I, exploring variables, equations, and functions. They dissect complex operations, grapple with intricate problem solving, and delve into the foundational elements that lead to advanced algebraic concepts.

The English Language Arts course is an adventurous mix of literary genres, where students analyze novels, plays, and poems from different eras and cultures. Writing is no longer just about communicating but reasoning, advocating, and persuading effectively as students learn expository, argumentative, and narrative writing styles.

Science class introduces the incredible world of Biology. Spanning cellular biology to ecology, students grapple with life’s mechanics, unfolding scientific wonders at microscopic and macroscopic levels.

Social Studies turns a closer lens on modern World History, offering students a chance to understand the current world’s roots as they explore important events, transformations, and revolutions that shaped our societies.

Our Art and Music courses continue to stimulate creativity. From understanding the philosophy behind artworks to dissecting musical pieces from various genres and eras, students gain a broader perspective of the arts.

Our ninth-grade curriculum is an exciting academic portal, preparing students not just for school, but the world. It’s a year of transformative learning, unlocking knowledge and shaping the understanding needed for the forthcoming high school journey.

Immerse yourself in a transformative learning journey with our comprehensive tenth-grade homeschool curriculum. Engineered to ignite curiosity, deepen knowledge, and sharpen skills, this curriculum steps up towards meeting high school’s complex challenges.

Mathematics in the tenth grade brings Geometry into focus. Learners navigate through angles, shapes, theorems, and proofs, observing the world through geometric lenses while enhancing spatial reasoning skills and logical thinking.

Our English Language Arts course whisks students through diverse literary landscapes, exploring sophisticated realms of fiction, nonfiction, drama, and poetry. The course enhances writing competency, with an emphasis on analyzing literature and crafting persuasive arguments.

In Science, Chemistry takes center stage. Atomic structure, chemical bonding, reactions, and the intriguing Periodic Table infuse lessons with the fascination of how matter and energy interact.

In Social Studies, students embark on a chronological exploration of US History, gaining deeper insights into the nation’s past, its triumphs and trials, government systems, and its path to becoming a global force.

Art and Music elevate aesthetic understanding, exploring various artistic movements, mediums, techniques, music theory, and historical contexts to foster appreciation and creativity.

Our tenth-grade homeschool curriculum encapsulates a critical year in the high school phase. It lays robust foundations for advanced studies, fostering intellectually curious, critically thinking students, well-prepared for the challenges of the upper high school and beyond.

Embark on an enlightening academic voyage with our comprehensive eleventh-grade homeschool curriculum. Structured to elevate understanding, stimulate critical thinking, and cultivate intellectual independence, this curriculum prepares students for success in high school and beyond.

The narrative of Mathematics is enriched with the intricacies of Algebra II. Students navigate sophisticated pathways of functions, polynomials, inequalities, exponential and logarithmic relations, conic sections, effectively broadening their mathematical prowess.

Our English Language Arts course delves into critical analysis of literary masterpieces spanning various genres and periods. The writing component becomes far-reaching, with students mastering research writing, literary analysis, and expanding their rhetorical skills.

In Science, students take a deep dive into Physics. Concepts of motion, forces, energy, waves, electricity, magnetism, and elements of quantum theory ignite curiosity, granting students a profound understanding of the physical world’s principles.

The Social Studies course narrows down to the study of American Government and Civics, providing an in-depth analysis of governance, politics, public policies, citizen’s rights, and civil responsibilities in the U.S context.

Art and Music courses evolve into a comprehensive study of advanced techniques, infamous artworks, globally renowned musicians, and the impact of art and music on society and culture.

Our eleventh-grade homeschool curriculum sets a dynamic stage for academic exploration, strengthening knowledge, and solidifying skills needed for upcoming college-level coursework. It gears students not just for personal growth but overall societal awareness, shaping learners who are ready to turn strides into leaps in their educational journey.

Set sail on the final leg of the high school journey with our richly designed twelfth-grade homeschool curriculum. Packed with intellectually stimulating courses, it ensures students are college-ready and equipped to tackle real-world challenges.

Mathematics at this stage offers students the choice of delving into advanced algebra, probability and statistics, or calculus. These complex levels present intricate mathematical concepts, honing analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The English Language Arts course invites students to appreciate and critically analyze pieces from British and World Literature while encouraging advanced composition and research writing skills. It aims to foster discerning readers and articulate writers, ready for college-level evaluations.

Science in twelfth grade can focus on advanced biology, physics, or chemistry topics, providing in-depth explorations into scientific theories and phenomena. Moreover, it maintains an emphasis on real-world applications and the scientific method.

Social Studies at this level offers a detailed examination of Economics, covering micro and macroeconomic principles, international economics, personal finance management, and economic decision-making capabilities.

Art and Music exploration culminates with profound insights into global art and music movements, analysis of influential works and figures, and understanding the role of cultural diversity in shaping these fields.

Our twelfth-grade homeschool curriculum serves as an academic lighthouse, guiding students as they navigate the final year of high school. It’s an amalgamation of rigorous academics, thought-provoking discourses, and skill development, striving to mold learners into poised, knowledgeable individuals ready to embark on their future academic and professional pursuits.