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  • 100% free one-on-one, online tutoring. Always.
  • Over 600 amazing tutors from across the nation ready to help whether you’re in 5th grade or in 12th.
  • Recorded Sessions so you never have to forget what you learned.

MISSION: To provide free, online tutoring to kids living in under-served communities.

About Learn To be:

  • The Learn To Be Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing free, one-on-one, online tutoring to K-12 students everywhere.
  • Over the past 5 years, Learn To Be has recruited over 600 volunteer tutors, and enabled them to teach over 23,000 sessions for over 13,000 hours of instruction to our students.

100 % Free For Students

Students can come online (at just about) anytime of the day and request what they need help with. We will then send out a message to all of our available tutors for that subject and once a tutor confirms, you can join the tutoring session

Need help next Wednesday before your test? We’ve got you covered. You can schedule future appointments for tutors to confirm.
All of your tutoring sessions are recorded so if you forgot to write something down or you just want to refresh on some material from a while ago, the sessions are there for you!

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