Student Contests

Igniting Curiosity and Innovation

Science Competitions

Science competitions are the perfect platform for young minds to explore, innovate, and make their mark in the world of STEM. These competitions challenge students to solve real-world problems, conduct research, and present their findings. From creating innovative solutions to everyday challenges to envisioning the future of technology, science competitions inspire the scientists and inventors of tomorrow.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge: Make a 1-2 minute video describing your innovative idea for solving an everyday problem. Win $25,000.

DuPont Challenge Science

DuPont Challenge Science Essay: 7th and up: Write an essay responding to a problem requiring a scientific solution. Due in February. Win $5,000.

Young Naturalist Awards

Young Naturalist Awards: 7th and up: Investigate something scientific; write an essay; win $2,500 from the American Museum of Natural History and ALCOA. Submit Dec through Feb.

Broadcom Masters Competition

Broadcom Masters Competition: Complete a science project; win $25,000. This is the middle school version of Intel STS and ISEF. Enter second semester.

Christopher Columbus Awards

Christopher Columbus Awards: Work in teams of three to four, with an adult coach, to identify a problem in their community and apply the scientific method to create an innovative solution to that problem; win $25,000.

Toshiba Exploravision

Toshiba Exploravision: Envision the development of a technology over the next 20 years; win $10,000. Register team of 2-4 and a mentor/coach early in school year. Project due January.

Celebrating Creativity and Expression

Humanities Competitions

Humanities competitions celebrate the power of words, art, and expression. They encourage students to delve into literature, art, and communication, fostering creativity and critical thinking. Whether it’s crafting compelling essays, sharing letters to beloved authors, or producing thought-provoking documentaries, humanities competitions highlight the beauty and impact of the written and spoken word.

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: 7th grade and above, submit a creative work in December, win $10,000.

Letters about Literature

Letters about Literature: Write a letter to a favorite author; win an award at the State and even at the U.S. Capitol. Deadline is December?

Secret Millionaire’s Club

Secret Millionaire’s Club: Submit a business idea to Warren Buffet in February by yourself or with a team. Win $5,000 and meet Warren Buffet

C-SPAN Student Cam

C-SPAN Student Cam: Make a 5-7 minute documentary; win $5,000. Enter Nov-Jan.

Prudential Spirit of Community

Prudential Spirit of Community: Complete a significant community service project; win $5,000 in D.C. Due November.

Winston Churchill Speech Competition

Winston Churchill Student Speech Competition: Deliver a 4-5 minute speech on a leadership topic. Find a teacher sponsor in your building in the fall to submit your entry by January.